Jesus Loves Me

A few months ago we started singing “Jesus Loves Me” to Leo before bedtime. We sang it the predictable, boring way, and he responded in a predictably bored way. He is an active, adventurous, mischievous toddler after all.

So we started singing it the “boy” way. We toss him the the air, tickle him unexpectedly, grab his little toes at key points in the song, etc. He loves it. Now he asks for “more”.

Leo may be too young to grasp the meaning of the song, but I think that our playful, happy version actually reflects the heart of God in a special way. Not that God can’t be calm and quiet – he can be. But he can also be playful and wild and adventurous.

I want Leo to grow up knowing every aspect of God’s real character – not some stale stereotype our culture has handed down to us.

I could be wrong, but I think Jesus may enjoy the “fun” version more too.

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