Just spent the entire day in New York City. It was my first time there, and I have never felt more Midwestern.

On the plus side, the guard at the entrance to the World Trade Center Memorial said I was literally the first person out of thousands to figure out the right line to go in with my ticket, so that’s something, right?

A few reflections:
– A lot of people here are HUSTLING in the pursuit of their goals. I felt challenged to continue going after it in my own life.

– Ideas matter. It’s popular in our culture to say, “You believe what you want and I’ll believe what I want”, but ideas are what lead to civil wars and terrorist attacks and all sorts of other evils. The twin towers were attacked (in part) because of a deeply rooted ideology. How we and others think matters.

– Google Maps has an awesome built-in feature for public transit. I plan on taking advantage of this more often.

– Kindness counts. My best experiences with the city came through friendly people. My worst came through unfriendly people.

– I’d like to get into a habit of researching the places I visit before arriving. It lays down a nice foundation for the experience.

– I want to keep getting mentally sharper. Our tour guide knew and remembered an incredible amount of information. It was inspiring. It’s easy for me to take in a lot of facts without making creative visual connections. So too, its easy for me to speak without really thinking first.

– Holy hot. I need to start packing sunblock.

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