I hate fasting.

It’s uncomfortable. It feels distracting. I like eating.

I love fasting.

It strips away false comforts. It reveals root issues. I like breakthroughs.

Fasting may be one of the most underutilized and most powerful tools God’s given us. It is the antithesis of the American dream:

– Becoming weaker, not stronger.

– Becoming more dependent, not more independent.

– Stripping away, not acquiring and consuming.

For me, fasting is the shortest distance between being stuck and moving forward. It’s not a formula, and it’s not magic. But it is powerful. God can use it to change things at a deep level.

Knowing this, it’s amazing how often I avoid it, ignore it, rationalize it away.

I want to fast willingly, not grudgingly. I want to tackle root issues, not rearrange leafs. I want to delight in weakness, not run from it.

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