My Dream Game


Ever since reading Area 51 and learning about the incredible inception of the U2 spy plane, I’ve thought that a videogame based on flying it would be the coolest thing.

An outline:
– You begin as an Air Force pilot
– You get a mysterious invite to join a “special project”
–  Upon accepting, you are whisked off to Area 51 for a briefing
– You have to manage the social and professional challenges of living a secret life as a CIA pilot
– You’re fully immersed in 1950’s Cold War tension and culture
– You go through extensive training and test flights
– Finally, the experience culminates in going on an actual mission over the Soviet Union at 70,000 feet

All of this with an incredible soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, realistic next-gen graphics, genuine choice/consequences/failure (permadeath?), detailed immersion in the culture of that era, and gameplay that is as historically accurate as possible (no gore, platforming, or silliness here).

A well-designed videogame has the power to transport you to another time/world/reality in a way that a book, movie, song, painting, or play can’t. You’re not just observing the narrative; you’re shaping it.

Videogames are sometimes pooh-poohed as not being “real” art, but they’re actually the culmination of many different forms of art. I’m glad that the Museum of Modern Art now includes videogames in their collection.

My game may never see the light of a screen, but hey – a man can dream, right?

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