Expert Advice


We’ve had bats in the house lately (yes, bats) which has led to a few sleepless nights and some less than courageous mornings.

Googling was helpful, but only got us so far. After doing some research and looking around our property, my wife and I were pretty sure we knew where they might be getting in, but we wanted to confirm.

So we hired an animal control expert to come do an inspection. Boy were we wrong! We thought they might be getting in through the brickwork, but he immediately identified their most common points of entry based on our specific type of home (places we didn’t even notice). It was SO helpful. My wife and I could feel the tension leaving our bodies as he broke down the exact strategies for getting rid of them and preventing them from coming back. Worth every penny.

It made me think about the value of getting expert advice. I’ve had a personal coach for the last six months, and I can’t tell you how incredibly helpful it’s been. There’s just something about a real person who knows their stuff and can apply it to your specific situation.

Living in the information age can fool us into believing that everything we need to know is just another click away. But it’s not. There will always be a place for a real person with real knowledge and real experience who can guide us through our specific situations.

So, what area of your life are you feeling overwhelmed by or struggling to get traction in? Have you considered getting expert advice? If not, it might be worth it.

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