I’ve been reading through 1 Kings, and can’t stop thinking about Solomon’s downfall.

I mean, here was a man who had it all: money, power, fame, pleasure, favor, wisdom, the whole bit. He was a global rock star – bigger than Bono, the Beatles, and Taylor Swift combined. Yet he turned his heart away from the Lord by marrying foreign women and worshipping their pagan gods.

Why? The text doesn’t tell us. We just know that Solomon had multiple warning flags along the way, and yet willfully ignored them.

There are things in this life that have the power to pull our hearts away from the Lord. I think they often vary from person to person. What I struggle with, you may not. But we all have our weaknesses.

Maybe you already know what’s on your list, but pause for a moment and ask yourself,

“What people, places, and things have the power to pull my heart away from God?”

And then think about Solomon, because if he could go there, all of us can go there.

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