Mental Models of God and Life


I ran across this blog recently and kind of geeked out. In regards to mental models, it states,

“the first rule is that you’ve got to have multiple models because if you just have one or two that you’re using, the nature of human psychology is such that you’ll torture reality so that it fits your models, or at least you’ll think it does…It’s like the old saying, ‘To the man with only a hammer, every problem looks like a nail’… But that’s a perfectly disastrous way to think and a perfectly disastrous way to operate in the world. So you’ve got to have multiple models.”

It goes on to describe a variety of models for thinking about life and problem solving. But it got me thinking about our mental models of God, spirituality, and life in Christ.

As I’ve grown as a believer, my understanding of God had been stretched, changed, sometimes subtracted, sometimes expanded. How I relate to him and view life has changed too. Just recently, I’ve gone thorough several paradigm shifts which have been challenging, but good.

If you look at Jesus and his disciples, he had them on this continual journey of shedding old models, refining current ones, and adding new models. Their minds must have been in pain most of the time!

But such is the journey of following Jesus. It’s not always that radical, but there is always more to learn about him, us, others, and the world.

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