Repenting of Religion

I just finished Greg Boyd’s book, Repenting of Religion: Turning from Judgment to the Love of God.

Its thesis is powerful: As God’s people, we are called to love, but most of us have bought into judgment instead. We get our life from propping ourselves up and putting others down, rather than getting it from Jesus. As a result, we are living in bondage and have become a terrible witness to the world – the exact opposite of what Jesus taught and intended.

Here’s what stood out to me while reading it:

1. This is true.

2. Judgement is so core to how we operate and to what we believe that most of us do it all day, every day without even realizing it. Insidious.

3. We can’t accomplish the work of God without having the heart of God, and his heart for people is love.

4. When we judge others, we try to take the place of God, saying we know better than he does and that we don’t trust him to do his job and work in their lives.

5. God has already decided that every single person has unsurpassable worth, and our job is simply to agree with him and demonstrate his great love in us to others.

6. There is a difference between judging people’s value and judging people’s actions, but we have to be on guard against believing we can see everything perfectly.

Parts of this book were convicting. Parts were inspiring. Parts were enlightening. I’m glad I read it and hope to live it!

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