The Primal Blueprint


I just finished Mark Sisson’s The Primal Blueprint. There was a lot that was review, some that was new, and some I disagreed with. Still, the handful of key takeaways were worth it:

– Apply the same discipline you use to exercise hard for resting smart. (Whole new way for me to think about rest.)

– Listen to what your body is asking for in terms of nutrition, exercise, and rest. (I’m often out of tune with this.)

– Macadamia nuts are apparently the perfect nut. (Yum!)

– Several good reminders to go organic when possible. (I “know” this, but don’t always do this.)

– With workouts, move from “more is better” to “intense is better.” (I’ve been doing this lately with HIIT and loving it.)

– Pursue “real life” exercise when possible…it all counts. (This was probably the top takeaway for me, as I’ve tended to have narrow thinking about what counts as exercise.)

– Good reminder to wind down before bed instead of ramping up with more screen time. (The final push I needed to finally go buy blinds!)

– Fasting has incredible health benefits and is worth pursuing strategically. (I plan on studying this more).

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