Sometimes in football the quarterback calls an audible. This means that he changes the play at the last moment, often in response to what the defense is doing. It’s a very real-time thing which requires a lot of communication, flexibility, and practice for a team to pull off well.

I think that sometimes God wants to call audibles with us. We have our ideas, our plans, our goals, but he sees something that we don’t. In these moments, it helps to have those same three elements:

1. Communication – A daily walk with him, learning to know his voice and voice our needs, relationship and trust.

2. Flexibility – The ability to quickly adjust course, like a downhill skier does when moving around obstacles. An “open hands” posture.

3. Practice – Trial and error, putting ourselves out there, jumping at the little opportunities he gives us to be flexible.

Over time, we can become such a close team with God that we learn how to recognize and respond to his audibles, resulting in some great plays.

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