Diagram It


I was struggling with something the other day and decided to diagram it. It was so helpful!

Putting the process on paper revealed the bigger picture and prompted me to pray about the underlying factors. It also made the whole thing seem less mysterious, as I was able to break it down into specific stages and see it laid out in front of me.

Diagramming can be as simple as writing words and drawing arrows, which is what I did. But it can also be an opportunity to explore your artistic side; fleshing out things in your head and heart.

If it’s helpful, you can think of diagramming as a form of prayer – describing what is happening, what you’d like to be happening, and what seems to be standing in the way. The point is just to try it out and see what happens.

What’s something in your life that feels fuzzy or frustrating right now? Consider diagramming it and inviting God into the process. It just might be helpful.

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