What Do You Want?


Many of us could easily name what others want for us or what God wants for us. It’s important to know those things.

But it’s also really helpful to identify what we want; to step back from the expectations of others and examine our own desires.

Some of us already know exactly what we want, some if us *think* we know what we want, and others really have no clue. It’s easy to lose ourselves in the wants of others, or unwittingly replace our wants with someone else’s.

I have found that periodically asking myself “What do you want?” can be both illuminating and freeing. It strips back all the pretense and reveals core drivers; for better or worse.

There have been times I’ve meditated on that question and it’s revealed some pretty ugly stuff. And there have been times it’s revealed some really beautiful stuff.

We need to be honest about the bad if it’s gonna get better, and honest about the good if we want to stay encouraged.

Either way, we can’t lose by asking the question and inviting the Spirit to lead us into all truth.

So, what do you want? Pick a category, any category. See what surfaces. And then see how that aligns with God’s Word and will for your life. You just might be surprised by what you find.

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