The People Who Are For You


I’ve written on the God who is for you. Lately, I’ve been thinking about the people who are for you.

These individuals aren’t perfect. But they do tend to demonstrate some of the following characteristics:

– They want the best for you
– They see the good in you
– They call you out and up when you’re behaving beneath your potential (“You’re better than that!”)
– They sacrifice for you
– They fight for you
– They genuinely love you
– They refuse to judge you

People who are for you want every part of your life to flourish and become more of what God intended it to be. When they think about you, they think good thoughts rather then evil ones. In fact, they may think better about you than you think about yourself sometimes!

It’s rare to find people in this life who are for you like that. When you do, hold on to them! I happen to be married to one, which makes me a very blessed man indeed.

Have you ever known anyone who was for you? Are you someone who is for others? What would you add to the list of characteristics?

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