Ryan Hall


I just read this.

I’m not Ryan Hall, but if I were, here’s what I might be thinking in response:

Sometimes people put their hope in me, but my hope is in God.

Success in life is defined by how well I love, not by how many races I win.

Success in running is defined by doing my best with what God’s given me and following His lead everyday, not by meeting everyone’s expectations.

Injury sucks, but God is good.

Three additional thoughts:

1. I hope Ryan feels ZERO pressure to prove his critics wrong. Negative motivation tends to be fueled by anger rather than love, and that’s a crippling way to live.

2. The secular perspective says, “If Ryan starts winning races, then perhaps he was on the right track.” It’s a wait and see mentality. The Christian perspective says, “If Ryan NEVER wins another race, he is already a huge success.” It’s a see and wait mentality.

3. Ryan, you don’t OWE America anything. But you probably knew that already. 😉

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