Weekday Rest


I didn’t get called into work yesterday, which ended up being a really good thing. When windows of free time open up, it can be tempting to default to work (there’s always another house project), but I’m glad I didn’t.

Instead, I felt like God just wanted me to rest and be with family, so that’s what I did:

– Morning coffee, great run, starlit walk with Leo, leisurely breakfast.

– Hanging with family, time on the couch reading, watching TV with Leo, going on fall walks together.

– Fro Yo in the afternoon (it wasn’t even warm outside!), a delicious homemade soup for dinner, bed at a decent hour.

It’s easy to be moralistic and legalistic about when we work and when we rest, but at the end of the day, Jesus was neither. He worked on the Sabbath, and rested when he wanted. He wasn’t bound by strict “have-to’s” or religious norms. He and others were better for it.

Do you find it difficult to stop working? Do you feel guilty when you’re not being “productive?” Does rest feel like wasted time to you?

The inability to rest is a sickness. God made rest, modeled rest, and called it good, so if you’re conscious stricken every time you take a little break, be assured it’s not the Holy Spirit.

If any of this is resonating with you, consider setting aside some time this week to prayerfully reflect on the following questions:

1. What messages about work and rest did I receive from my family of origin? What was modeled?

2. What messages about work and rest have I received from my culture? What is touted as the ideal?

3. How do #1 and #2 line up with God’s Word? What’s he have to say to me about rest?

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