God and Parenting


Few things tend to influence our view of God more than the kind of parents we had growing up.

Were they present or absent? Caring or abusive? Late or on time? Angry or loving? Emotionally available or distant?  Dependable or negligent? Helpful or hurtful?

There are many more qualifiers we could add, and most parents fall somewhere in between those extremes.

But if you had to rate the quality of parenting you received on a scale of 1 to 10 (with 10 being exceptional), what score would you give your parents and why?

Now think about how you view God and relate to him. Think about how you imagine him relating to you. Any similarities between your view of God and your view of your parents?

When we aren’t aware of this connection, we almost inevitably end up attributing characteristics to God which simply aren’t there.

One of the central ways that God describes himself in Scripture is as a perfect, loving parent. He’s actually a 10 on the scale.

But many of us find that hard to envision, let alone accept, because we can’t relate to it. It hasn’t been our experience. What does a great parent look like? We have no idea.

And this is where God wants to insert good parental models into our lives. He wants to bring us people who can lovingly mentor, counsel, encourage, and equip us to thrive.

And he wants us to get to know him on the basis of who he really is – so that our biases, hurts, and preconceived notions no longer hold us captive.

As hard as it may be to believe, God fully loves you, is fully for you, is always faithful, will never leave you, is fully trustworthy, and can always be relied upon.

He’s the parent you always wanted. And he’s here for you now.

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