Humility and Healing


There’s an interesting story in 2 Kings that highlights the importance of humility. You can read it here.

We all need healing in our lives. Many of us aren’t afflicted with a physical disease, but we carry the sickness of addiction, bitterness, unforgiveness, judgment, greed, envy, lust, gossip, etc.

Like Naaman, we’re prone to want quick fixes that don’t require us to get off our high horse. We want a fast, easy, impressive miracle from God.

And sometimes he heals us like that.

But often, God asks us to do something very ordinary. He doesn’t give us any special treatment based on our social standing or accomplishments. And we object.

Because apologizing to that person, confessing that sin, changing those habits, attending that meeting, getting that counseling, going forward for prayer – WHATEVER he asks – feels beneath us.

But sometimes the only way we ever experience healing is by humbling ourselves.

What area of your life do you need healing in? What might it look like for you to humble yourself?

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