The Alternative to Forgiveness

If you’re alive, you’re gonna get hurt.

People will lie to you, slander you, disrespect you, take advantage of you, insult you, and do all sorts of evil towards you.

If you’re a Christian, you’re called to love all people at all times – especially your enemies. This means forgiving those who mistreat you, blessing those who curse you, and loving those who harm you.

Sound hard? The alternative is far worse.

When we DON’T forgive, bless, and love others, our own hearts end up taking the hit. We become bitter, angry, resentful, and vengeful. Our love for all people begins shrinking instead of expanding. We become less like Jesus (“Father, forgive them”) and more like the world (“Crucify him!”).

Not only that, but our relationship with God suffers. Christ was very clear that if we do not forgive others, he will not forgive us. That’s sobering stuff.

Forgiveness may not mean what you might think it does. I wrote about that here and posted a link to it on Twitter recently:

Is there anyone in your life who you need to forgive? It may be hard, but consider the alternative!

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