Back in high school, it seemed like there were always a couple kids whose lives were a never-ending drama.

They were perpetually in the middle of a breakup, the world had it out for them, something was always going wrong, etc.

Oddly enough, they seemed to like it, generate it, and even thrive on it. Perhaps it was a way of being noticed – creating a storyline in which they were the good guy being wronged by the bad world.

Of course, that kind of behavior doesn’t stop after high school. We all know people who define themselves by a negative narrative rather than a positive one – not because a better plot isn’t available, but because a better plot isn’t truly desired.

As Christians, we’re living in the biggest and best story there is. And we’re not simply extras; we’re lead actors directed by a God who is bringing about the best possible ending.

The problem is, we tend to forget this. And when we do, we start engaging with and believing in all sorts of dramas that simply aren’t true or worth our time. Sadly, sometimes it takes a death or an illness or a job loss to jolt us out of our small story and remind us of the big one.

You and I were made for drama, but not the petty kind. We’ve been created by God to be engaged in positive drama – living lives that advance the grand plot and leave us fulfilled rather than empty, frustrated, and worn out.

A few questions:

  1. Are you engaged in The Big Drama or caught up in your small drama?
  2. Do you tend to define yourself by your struggles or by your true identity in Christ?
  3. What attitudes or mindsets is it time to let go of to help you keep moving forward?

PS – If all this talk about story is resonating with you and you want to go deeper, consider checking out the Storyline Conference by Donald Miller. He’s done some great work on this stuff, and it’s hard to argue with the price!

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