The problem with the self-esteem movement is that it’s rooted in a half truth, which makes it the most dangerous kind of lie.

Yes, we are all born awesome/incredible/full of potential/etc. because everyone is made in the image of God.

But we’re also born deeply flawed and full of every kind of evil because of the fall and the sin within us.

When a culture grasps the spirit of the former but not the latter, it creates a generation marked by arrogance, laziness, and entitlement. Sound familiar?

When I encounter Millenials who embody all of those negative stereotypes, I need to remind myself that the ultimate solution isn’t better manners, better philosophies, or better parenting – it’s a complete change of heart which only Christ can provide.

2 thoughts on “Millenials”

  1. Well said, Dave. I think that self-esteem is the most overrated characterstic in our culture (#2 is competitiveness, IMO). I certainly agree that the only true solution is through Christ…but as parents we also have to train them up and fight against the “self-esteem movement” and teach our kids the FULL truth. “You’re the best” and “your own truth is the truth that matters” and “you deserve it” is a real problem and we do have to stand and fight and put our faith in the right place, and that place is not our own devices!
    Be Blessed


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