My Wife


Thought I’d brag on my wife Kim a bit today.

Five years into marriage and she’s still my best friend and better half. Here are just a few of her amazing qualities:

  • Beauty – Inside and out.
  • Intelligence – She’s a brilliant theologian and super intuitive.
  • Character – I’ve never met someone so honest. She lives so uprightly.
  • Wisdom – She has a knack for knowing the right thing to do.
  • Love – For me, her friends, God, our kids.
  • Humility – She won’t like that I wrote this.
  • Hard work – She claims cleaning the house is therapeutic. I’m happy to let her go for it.
  • Discipline – The woman knows how to stick with something.
  • Writing – Have you seen her blog?
  • Balance – She’s learned to avoid unhealthy extremes of opinion and action.
  • Humor – She has a great sense of humor which makes it easy for us to get along and have fun together.
  • Loyalty – to me, God, her friends and family.

I love you, babe!

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