Bail Me Out!


Most of us know it’s wrong to enable the dysfunctional behavior of others. Doing so can be well-intentioned, but ends up hurting more than helping.

We get this on an interpersonal level, yet can be blind to its spiritual parallel: God lets us fail. And when he does, we often get angry at him.

We expect him save us from the consequences of our poor spending habits, poor health choices, poor relational decisions, etc. – as though he’s our rich daddy who is supposed to bail us out whenever we get busted.

The truth is, if God treated us this way, we’d never grow. We’d be like the alcoholic whose wife lies to his family for him, calls in sick for him, doesn’t set healthy boundaries, and ultimately helps to reinforce and perpetuate to his addiction.

God lets us fail because he loves us. He wants the very best for us, and that includes our maturity.

Can you recall a time God let you fail? How did you respond?

2 thoughts on “Bail Me Out!”

  1. Interesting, this is the 3rd time for me today this topic has come up about the question “How can a loving God allow suffering?” James MacDonald had an interesting message on Walk in the Word this morning in a series called “I Choose God’s Love”. One thing I found interesting was when he said he could go up and down the rows and say “you’d have never found God if he hadn’t humbled you”…it’s pretty loving for Him to allow pain and bring us to our knees so we can know how much we need Him. Protecting but not always preventing. Bringing us to Him or BACK to him…good stuff. Thanks again, Dave!


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