Is Your Life Unsustainable?


I have a hunch we’ve all got a little China in us.

Fareed Zakaria wrote a commentary in the January 13 issue of TIME magazine entitled, “Make or Break for China: Corruption. Pollution. Debt. Will Beijing’s leaders tackle the challenges before the bubble bursts?”

He’s not sure, and who can really say.

China’s growth has been remarkable. But as Zakaria notes,  it’s come at a steep cost; many of the country’s practices are simply unsustainable.

You know, we’re pretty used to adding stuff to our lives these days – purchases, payments, responsibilities, Netflix queues.

However, we’re not always so accustomed to counting the cost – asking if something new is really needed, examining whether our commitments and practices are sustainable, questioning if there’s anything we need to stop doing before we add yet another thing to our list.

I’m all for growth, but the kind that’s healthy, sustainable, and responsible.

How about you?

  1. Any patterns in your life that are producing results, but at a cost that’s too high?
  2. Any unhealthy habits in your life that seem acceptable now, but are likely to cause big problems down the road?
  3. Any commitments in your life that you may need to adjust or even abort?

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