Don’t Miss Your Life

I heard this song the other day and really liked it:

It’s a good reminder, isn’t it?

Work is important, but it’s easy to prioritize over family. Even home improvement, friends, or hobbies can become our “main thing” if we’re not careful.

When I’m home, I usually have a few projects going on. That’s not a problem, so long as I keep this mantra in mind:

“Family is not an interruption to work; work is an interruption to family.”

That way, when my family needs me, I welcome their requests rather than resent them.

Here are some of the ways I’m trying to put family first:

  • Praying for my family and keeping their spiritual lives at the forefront.
  • Dating  Kim regularly and prioritizing her over the kids.
  • Being “on call” when I’m home if Kim needs help with anything.
  • Taking Leo on fun adventures to give Kim a break when she needs it.
  • Holding and interacting with Kate regularly so we keep bonding.
  • Being fully present when I’m interacting with family instead of being distracted by my phone or thoughts about work.
  • Helping out with different household chores.
  • Having fun with family and trying to keep the mood positive.
  • Letting Leo accompany me on errands, “help” me with yard work, etc.
  • Maintaining healthy, sustainable family rhythms so that there’s a sense of order rather than chaos.
  • Taking the lead on disciplining Leo.
  • In general, giving my family lots of quality time, hugs, encouraging words, acts of service, and occasional gifts.

What are some of the ways you’re trying to put family first?

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