The Compound Effect


As the publisher of SUCCESS magazine, Darren Hardy has had the unique opportunity to interview hundreds of top performers. In his book The Compound Effect, he condenses their best advice into simple principles and actionable steps.

There’s a lot to like here – he discusses the power of consistent action over time (like a magic penny multiplying in value each day), taking personal responsibility for your choices, motivation, habits, values, momentum, environmental influences, tracking progress, and hard work.

My top takeaway was realizing how important momentum is. I’ve often ignored or undervalued the role of momentum in my life, but it turns out that everything is easier with it and harder without it – like the wind at your back vs. the wind in your face.

As I continue working on building new habits and routines into my life, I’m trying to remember that it takes way less energy to resume than to restart. Consistency feeds momentum; inconsistency kills it. There’s definitely something to be said for keeping those chains going.

How have you seen momentum work for or against you? Where do you need some momentum in your life and how might you begin fostering it?

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