A Proper Heirarchy of Attention



There are two very different websites I enjoy visiting. TechCruch gives me the latest technology and startup news. Prayercast shows me videos that help me pray for the nations.

Both have their place, and both can get unhealthy in excess. But both are not equal when it comes to directing focus.

One draws my attention to the things of this world. The other draws my attention to the Kingdom of God. One makes me think about getting more. The other makes me think about giving more.

Have you noticed? What we focus on ends up forming us.

As Christians living in the information age, I believe that we are more responsible than ever for stewarding our focus. We have so much stuff coming at us that it’s easy to just lump it all together instead of giving things a proper hierarchy of attention.

Think about the things you read, watch, and listen to daily.  By the time you’re done, are you becoming more of the person God created you to be? Do you go to bed with a stronger passion for the things of God? Are you focused on the eternal and not just the temporal?

As you absorb new information this week, ask yourself, “How is this forming me?”

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