The Ten or the Two?


When Moses sent twelve spies into the promised land, ten of them came back with a bad report. The inhabitants were huge and the people were afraid. But Caleb and Joshua had a different perspective:

“The land we traveled through and explored is a wonderful land! And if the LORD is pleased with us, he will bring us safely into that land and give it to us. It is a rich land flowing with milk and honey. Do not rebel against the LORD, and don’t be afraid of the people of the land. They are only helpless prey to us! They have no protection, but the LORD is with us! Don’t be afraid of them!” Numbers 14:5-9

Talk about faith! Caleb and Joshua saw the exact same thing that the other spies did, but their mindset was totally different. Instead of focusing on the obstacles, they focused on the opportunities. Instead of evaluating what could be accomplished in the natural, they evaluated what could be accomplished in the supernatural.

As you read the rest of the story, you find that their view wasn’t popular, but it was right.

There are things God calls us to do sometimes that sound very promising and exciting. But on closer inspection, we discover that they’re larger than we ever imagined.

What we do next is pivotal.

Because we will either look at ourselves and our strength and our resources and our abilities, or we will look at God and his strength and his resources and his abilities. We will either focus on how large the obstacles are, or how large our obstacle mover is. We will either focus on his promises, or fixate on our problems.

So much of success and failure in the kingdom of God revolves around our mindset. Does our thinking agree with God or not? Do our actions reflect our faith or not? Are we living our lives with a little God or a big God? Are we thinking like the ten or the two?

What are the giants in your promised land? Does your thinking reflect fear or faith? If you’re afraid, ask God to help you think like he does and then act accordingly.

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