Take the Sub Instead

It’s impossible to live a productive life if your emotions are always in charge.


It’s like trying to cross an ocean in a rowboat. The journey is chaotic, unpredictable, and doomed for destruction. You’re at the mercy of the scorching sun, the pounding waves, and the vicious storms. Any progress you make is negated by the nature of your vessel and the enormity of your environment.


But there’s a better way. You can let God be in control and take the sub instead. It’s faster, calmer, safer, and smarter. You’re not rocked by every storm, you’re not exposed to the elements, and you’re not expending meaningless effort.

Some people prefer the rowboat. It’s familiar. It’s how their family and friends travel. It can seem heroic. And moving the oars makes one feel in control. But man, do you take a beating.

Get off that thing and get under the surface. Trust me, it’s way better.

Do your emotions call the shots in your life? If so, why not invite God to be in control and try taking the sub instead?

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