The Doctor Is In


WebMD is an awesome resource but it’s no substitute for a doctor who knows your medical history, is able run tests on the spot, can give you a referral when needed, and also provides you with a professional diagnosis, prognosis, and prescription.

Some Christians use the Bible as a sort of WebMD when they encounter a difficulty in their life. They do their best to guess at the problem and find the solution based on what the Scriptures say. And that’s not necessarily wrong – it’s just not enough.

Because there is a doctor who knows you inside and out, wants to hear about your troubles, makes the best referrals, and always gives an accurate prescription. You know where I’m going with this, right?

We rob ourselves of the greatest relationship and resource imaginable when we reduce God to some impersonal, uncaring force who’s left us to figure it all out on our own.

If you look at Jesus (the very essence of God) you see a different picture. You see a God who knows and cares about what’s going on in peoples’ lives. You see a God who’s involved, not absent. You see a God who wants to intervene for the good, and who knows exactly what’s needed.

Take the rich young ruler, for example. Jesus knew that the one thing holding him back was his love of money; so he put his finger on it.  Or look at the blind beggar. Jesus knew his situation wasn’t anyone’s fault; it was an opportunity for God to showcase his power. And so Jesus did just that; healing him with a very specific prescription.

There have been so many times in my life when I’ve had a problem or been at an impasse and a principle or a list of guidelines wasn’t enough. I needed a specific, personalized diagnosis and an accurate prescription from someone who knew me and knew his stuff. And thank God, the doctor was in.

Sometimes he’s led me to look at underlying issues. Sometimes he’s given me specific instructions to follow. Sometimes he’s used his power to supernaturally change me, encourage me, or work in a situation on my behalf. Sometimes he’s given me referrals, “Talk to this person, join that group, read this book” etc.  And yes, sometimes he’s been silent or hasn’t answered my prayers that way I hoped he would. But I’ve only come to know him more through those experiences and learned to trust in his sufficient grace (2 Corinthians 12:9).

I still go to WebMD sometimes, but I also see my doctor. I still read my Bible daily, but I also speak with it’s author.

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