Being Okay With “On The Way”


It can be tempting to try to fix ourselves and others when we see a problem – as though it were as simple as dropping the car off to the mechanic.

But people are not machines. We’re flesh and blood soul-creatures with unique histories, powerful emotions, complex relationships, deep wounds, messed up beliefs, complicated bodies, and a scary amount of free-will.

Usually, real and lasting change is a process, not a key-click, quick-fix, or kick in the rear.  And that can make us uncomfortable because it means living in tension instead of resolution.

But there are some real benefits to giving ourselves and others permission to be in process. To name a few:

  • We start cooperating with the nature of growth instead of fighting it.
  • We stop carrying the weight of playing god.
  • We start enjoying the journey instead of resenting it.
  • We become more proactive and less reactive.
  • We’re much more pleasant to be around.

Relax. Take a deep breath. Remember, it’s a journey. Settle in for the long haul and get okay with “on the way”. You’ll be glad you did and so will others.

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