My Workout Routine


I’ve been retooling my workout routine lately, inspired by the following:

Here’s my running routine:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday

HIIT (20-25 minutes)

Tuesday, Thursday 

Tempo Runs (45 minutes)


Long Run (60-90 minutes)


Rest day

I generally try to run fairly early in the morning and then come back home to make a protein shake, stretch, and have a green smoothie.

Here’s my strength training routine (2 week rotation):


Breakfast: Perfect Push-ups/ Grasshopper Push-ups

Lunch: Air Squats/Power Squats

Dinner: Shoulder press/Lateral Raise


Breakfast: Tricep Dips/One Leg Tricep Dips

Lunch: Lunges/Side Lunges

Dinner: Chest Pulls/Reverse Fly


Breakfast – Planks/Full Side Planks

Lunch – Stairs/High Knees

Dinner – Bicep Curls/Overhead Tricep Extensions


Breakfast – Push-ups and Rotation/ Hindu Push-ups

Lunch – Jumping jacks &mountain climber/Burpees

Dinner – Back Extension/Standing Row


Breakfast – Superman/Leg Bridges

Lunch – Wall Sit/Squat and Box

Dinner – Rows/Front Raise


Breakfast – Side Planks/Bicycle Crunch

Lunch – Step Up’s/Chair Split Squats

Dinner – High Pulls/Reverse Bicep Curls


Rest day.

I try to do each exercise right before a meal. It generally takes me around 1-3 minutes.

I save my resistance band workouts for dinner as I’m usually home then and it’s more convenient just to grab the right one from the closet.

What I like about my workout routine:

  • Minimal time commitment: Other than running, which I view as a hobby, I’m not spending much time exercising each day.
  • Minimal equipment and cost: No gym membership required. I only need to cover clothes, shoes, and resistance bands, which are pretty affordable.
  • Minimal hassle: I can workout just about anywhere.
  • Balance: I’m combining cardio and muscle fitness.
  • Sustained energy: Exercising throughout the day keeps me going strong.
  • Enjoyment: The variety helps me stay engaged and not get bored.
  • Results: It works.

What’s working for you when in comes to getting or staying in shape?

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