The Big Picture


A few macro reminders…what would you add to the list? Which of these truths do you need to embrace today? Who do you know who needs to hear this today?

God is real and he loves you →Satan is real and he hates God → The Bible is true and serves as our guidepost → Heaven and hell exist →You were made to know God, love God, love yourself, love others, and steward creation →Sin has messed everything up, but God is making everything new → You’re invited to join with God and his people in his mission of reconciliation and restoration → What you do with your life counts for eternity → God wants to do great things in you and through you → There are countless people around the world who are living without the hope of Christ →There is a spiritual battle going on for every person → People are the mission, not the enemy →In the midst of life’s challenges, God can work all things together for the good → When it’s all said and done, God wins and love is the most important thing.

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