Forced Downtime


I was sick this past weekend, which translated into a kind of forced downtime. I started reading Operation Paperclip. I watched Star Trek: The Next Generation. I laid around a lot and was more accessible to family. It was a bit like being sick while on vacation.

Of course, I’d prefer to rest without the discomfort, but I was reminded how much I need unhurried periods of rejuvenation in my life.

In a way, rest helps us be more human. It reminds us that there’s more to life than just producing, earning, doing, transitioning. None of us are made to go nonstop, as much as we might want to sometimes.

I observe the sabbath once a week, but I’d like to get back into the discipline of taking a personal retreat day once a month. It’s ironic – and probably not the point – but downtime often produces greater perspective, motivation, ideas, and energy for the work ahead of us. Work and rest need each other, and we need balance.

What does downtime look like for you? How do you keep from going nonstop?

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