Look Up

Have you seen this yet?

Personally, my concern isn’t with how often we use our tech devices so much as how intentionally we use them. Are we controlling them, or are they controlling us (see my last post)?  Are we mindlessly defaulting to them, or are we mindfully employing them?

You can form real relationships using the internet, and you can also avoid them.  Technology can enhance our lives, and it can also detract from them.

Mr. Turk might agree with all this, but I think the solution is more nuanced than “look up.” What we need to do is recognize that our values drive our behavior, be deliberate in our use of technology, and ask the Lord how he wants us to live each day.

The result may look different for each person, and that’s okay. If the Spirit is guiding, it’s going to result in love. And what’s the point of looking up if not to love?


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