Small Legs


Is this you?

Living an unbalanced life is a bit like an athlete who only works out their upper body. It looks silly and is a setup for injury and defeat.

You might laugh, but most of us live our lives this way – focusing our time and energy on a just a few things while neglecting many others.

True, not everything deserves our attention, but are you “working out” all of the important muscles: work, family, friendships, finances, exercise, diet, faith, rest, etc?

You may be thinking, “Who has time for all that?” and the answer is “You do.” But it takes desire, intentionality, commitment, perseverance, community, discipline, patience, awareness, etc.

Living a balanced life doesn’t happen overnight, and it doesn’t occur by accident. Pursuing it can feel boring at times, like you’re “missing something.” And in a sense, you are. You’re missing out on excess and choosing to engage in moderation instead. How quaint. How radical.

The true professionals in any field are the ones who get this. They also tend to be the happiest and most fulfilled.

Let’s not end our lives looking back with regrets – wishing we had spent less time at work and more time with family, wishing we had pursued our dreams instead of watching so much TV, wishing we had taken our health more seriously.

You’ve got one life to live. Why not make it a balanced one?



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