I’ve been thinking about choices…

The ability to choose is one of the central privileges of being human. By God’s grace, we are free moral agents, not marionettes.

God gave Adam and Eve the freedom to choose life or death because he loved them and wanted them to freely love him back. He gives us that same choice as well.

We cannot rightfully blame God, the devil, others, or our circumstances for our poor decisions. Nor can we rightfully abdicate our freedom to choose to someone or something else. We alone are responsible for what do with the life and the light that’s been given to us, regardless of our past or the actions of others.

Our choices have consequences. There are rewards and punishments. We will reap what we sow.

Anne Frank said, “Our lives are fashioned by our choices. First we make our choices. Then our choices make us.” Our choices aren’t just a reflection of our character; they are shapers of it.

All of this is good. And all of this is terrifying. It means that we are actual players in the game, not mere spectators. We get to decide the course of our lives, and in many ways, the course of history.

What would your life look like if you took full responsibility for your freedom to choose?

Here’s what it means for me:

    • Taking ownership of my journey instead of abdicating it.
    • Taking responsibility for my actions instead of making excuses.
    • Respecting others’ freedom to choose.
    • Pursuing wise decisions instead of foolish ones.
    • Keeping the end game in mind.

I have not always made good decisions, but God has always worked redemptively in the midst of my sins and struggles. I have not always taken ownership of my journey, but God has always held onto his ownership of me as a son.

In his goodness, the Lord loves us before, during, and after our decisions – no matter what they are or where they lead. He is the one who freely laid down his life for us and invites us to freely lay down our lives for him and others.

So…what will you do with the life you’ve been given?










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