Getting Off The Reservation

C0436-01 Sitting Bull Morrow Photo

There’s a scene in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee where Sitting Bull’s son proudly shows his father how the white man now lets them “hunt” on the reservation. Small cage, bell rings, bull runs, easy kill.

Sitting Bull is not impressed.

He remembers the days when his tribe was free to roam and hunt at will. He’s sees what the government and the reservations are doing to his people, and knows that their way of life and very survival are being threatened.

It’s a fitting analogy for many believers today.The Enemy would have us waste away our lives on cheap wins, small thrills, and demoralizing handouts. Content with the cage. Constantly thinking about the next episode or the next weekend. Can’t wait for the next purchase or the next pleasure. Caught up in the kingdom of this world instead of the kingdom of God. Bell rings, bull runs, easy kill.

When we forget who we are and why we’re here, our souls begin to wither.

What’s crazy is that we know life on the reservation isn’t what we were made for – we didn’t start our Christian walk this way – yet we can find a kind of sick solace in its familiarity. Many believers would rather live in  comfortable dysfunction than risk any real discomfort that could lead to greater growth, wholeness, and freedom. I’ve seen this dynamic in myself and others many, many times.

Know this: getting off the reservation requires a fight. Once you’re in, it’s not easy getting out. You’ve got to resist the inner urge to put down roots and the outer pressure to conform to the pattern of this world.

But honestly, what are you going to do? Are you going to live the rest of your life on the reservation? Look at your current trajectory. The choices you make each day are shaping your future.

Yeah, you’ve got to count the cost, but once you look at the facts it’s kind of a no brainer.

So, let me ask you: are you living on the reservation? If so, what brought you there? Do you want to stay or do you want to leave? What might God be saying to you right now?

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