Band of Brothers: Day of Days


Okay, so we’re on to part two.

The word for this episode is courage.

Check out the incredible clip below.

Remember, this really happened. Imagine you are in the plane heading towards Normandy, knowing that you could be killed at any moment. How would you feel? Would you jump?

It’s easy to think of courage as an emotion, but it’s not. Courage is, first and foremost, a decision. It’s not the absence of fear, but the facing of fear. It’s what you do when you feel afraid, unsure, insecure, threatened, hesitant, etc. It’s a choice.

This is good news because it eliminates the need for us to drum up the right emotions in order for us to do the right thing. We can stop waiting around and wasting time and simply choose to act, queasy stomach and all.

Were those paratroopers afraid? You bet. Were they courageous? I think so.

Where do you need to be courageous right now? Don’t let your negative emotions hold you back, and don’t buy the lie that you’ve got to feel it before you do it. Courage is a choice.

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