Band of Brothers: Carentan


Meet Blithe:

The word for episode 3 is COPING.

Everyone has coping mechanisms. Some are effective, some aren’t. Some are healthy, some aren’t.

Some of the most common ways to cope are:


  • Exercise
  • TV/Video Games/Digital Media
  • Food/Sugar
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Prayer/Church/Community
  • Workaholism
  • Pornography
  • Etc

In many ways, life is like a war. It’s a struggle, and you’d better have a way of dealing with the trauma if you want to get through it.

Blithe is exposed to a wide variety of philosophies on how he should handle the war. One says it’s like a game. Another says you need to imagine you’re already dead. Ultimately, Blithe finds his way and chooses to engage the battle rather than retreat.

Unfortunately, this leads to him being shot by an enemy sniper and eventually dying after the war. Sad, I know. But a good coping strategy doesn’t ensure a smooth ride; it just ensures that we stay on the ride until it ends.


What do you do to cope with the hardships of life? Where do you turn when you feel overwhelmed? What is your philosophy of war?

2 thoughts on “Band of Brothers: Carentan”

  1. One of my favorite series of all time- I usually watch it right before Remembrance day each year, just to remind me of what it was like for our veterans. Hard to forget Blithe- once he got in the war, he became an effective soldier, his training kicked in. Today so few of us are trained for war in the context of following Jesus…
    Great post!


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