Band of Brothers: Crossroads


You can sum up episode 5 with one word: LEADERSHIP.


In Crossroads, we see Winters modeling:

  1. Character – Winters walks the talk and his men have full faith in him.
  2. Courage – Winters consistently sticks his own neck out first.
  3. Consistency – Winter’s is utterly reliable, not given to drink or diversion like some of the other officers.
  4. Competence – Winters knows his stuff and gets results.
  5. Compassion – Winters genuinely cares about his men and the hardships they endure.

It’s rare for a leader to exhibit all five of these. It flows out of who they are as a person, not just some book they’ve read, promotion they’ve received, or degree they’ve earned.

Great leaders are made, not born. No one comes out of the womb full of character, courage, consistency, competence, and compassion. Forget about it. Those are qualities that are developed over a lifetime of small decisions and through a multitude of experiences.

Sure, there are some whose personality and gifting lend themselves to leadership more than others. No doubt. But that’s no guarantee that they won’t end up cheating, lying, selling out, falling short, getting arrogant, and being selfish. We’ve all seen plenty of examples.

According to the Bible, God is the one who grants the gift of leadership, and he’s the one who equips leaders to be successful. The best Christian leaders aren’t just shaped by life in the world; they’re also shaped by life in the Spirit.

If God has called and gifted you to be a leader in his church, it’s not solely up to you to make it happen. Invite him to develop the character, courage, consistency, competence, and compassion you need to succeed.

P.S. We’re halfway in. If you missed any of the previous posts and want to catch up, click here.

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