Band of Brothers: The Last Patrol


The word for this one is REST.

After months of brutal warfare, Easy Company finds themselves in Haguenau with a roof over their heads, resupplies, hot food, and actual showers.



Understandably, they aren’t eager to jump back into combat. They’ve been on the front lines since D-Day and what they need now is a little peace, not another patrol.

Yet another patrol is just what they get.

Thankfully, there are some who are eager to take their place. People like Webber who wants to ingratiate himself with the troops, and Jones who is desperate for actual combat experience before the war ends.



Sometimes when the going gets tough it’s up to us to carry on. But sometimes there are those who can take our place.

Where do you need rest right now? Who do you know who might relish the opportunity to help you get it?

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