Band of Brothers: Points

band_of_brothers_tv_series-3200x1200The word for this last episode is TRANSITIONS.

They’re something we all go through. Sometimes gracefully; sometimes not.

In Points, Easy Company transitions from being a fighting force to an occupying one. This is a challenge, as the soldiers suddenly find themselves with plenty of free time, booze, and weapons on hand with no enemy to fight. Unfortunately, accidents happen and mistakes are made.

And then there are the transitions back into civilian life. Some of the men struggle more than others. They’ve all been marked by the war in ways that few can understand.

points-1024 87546_original Band_of_Brothers____Peace___by_Reldur2


If you’re going through a transition in your own life, considering making one, or would just like to be better prepared the next time it happens, I’ve created a list of questions for you to think and pray about. Feel free to pick and choose whichever ones feel most helpful to you.


  • Have I accomplished my purpose in my current situation? How do I know?
  • What do I hear God saying? Where do I sense God leading?
  • What does my heart/gut/inner compass tell me?
  • How does my personal mission/identity/purpose factor into this?
  • On the negative front: what do fear, anxiety, and control tell me?
  • What do the wise, mature, loving people in my life recommend?
  • What does God’s word have to say about my situation?
  • What would I regret NOT doing many years down the road?
  • What might the enemy want me to do or believe?


  • What does a healthy ending, neutral zone, and new beginning look like for me? This is language from the book Transitions – a recommended read.
  • What emotions, beliefs, relationships, structures, etc. do I need to affirm, edit, or delete in order to fully transition both internally and externally?
  • Who is my guide/counselor/coach for moving out of the old and/or moving into the new?
  • Who is making the transition with me? What do they need?
  • Where is God in all this? How about the Devil?

I’m sure there are many more, but that should get you started for now.

On a personal note, thanks for reading. It’s been good to write my way through the whole Band of Brothers series, and I hope you’ve enjoyed it too.

If you missed any of the posts, or would just like to review them, you can click here.

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