Pacific Rim



So I watched Pacific Rim this past weekend.

If you’re a middle school boy, this one’s right up your alley.  If not, it’s still mindless fun.

In spite of all the fluff, it did trigger a few thoughts:

1. You’re only as good as your brain. 


I’ve been doing a lot of research on brain health lately. It’s amazing how much of who we are, what we do, and how we feel is determined by what goes on in our heads.

In some ways, you’re only as good as your brain. Where it is strong, you will be strong. Where it is weak, you will be weak.

We see this illustrated in Pacific Rim, where the heroes control the giant Jaeger robots primarily through their minds. When their minds are weak, their machines are vulnerable.

2. The enemy adapts and evolves.


It’s easy to think of Satan as an idea rather than an actual entity, but Scripture makes it clear that he is alive and active. Like the Kaiju monsters, he is constantly adapting and evolving in his fight to destroy us.

Here’s a thought: Satan is not interested in attacking who you were in the past; he’s interested in attacking who you are in the present. He doesn’t want you to take new ground because it means less for him. Satan hates it when the kingdom advances.

So he schemes and strategizes against us to keep us in patterns of distraction, doubt, addiction, busyness, delay, etc. He’s great at feeding us lies that prevent us from stepping more fully into our God-given purpose. Many times, we’re unaware that we even believe them, which makes them that much stronger.

3. You’re better together.


Jaegers require too much processing power to be successfully operated by one driver, so two controllers are necessary. In the movie, the warriors need to perform a “neural handshake” in order for their minds to join and work synergistically.

Life tends to work best in teams, too. You and God will work better together than apart. The same is true with your spouse, your kids, your work associates, your fellow church members, etc.

Working well with others requires trust, humility, intentionality, flexibility, awareness, resonance,  and a bunch of other qualities that are sometimes hard to come by. But hey, if you want to win the fight, you can’t do it alone.

Speaking of the fight…

4. You’re most alive when you’re in the fight.


There’s no way around it. If you’re doing what you were created for, you will feel alive. If you’re not, you won’t.

Raleigh comes alive when he pilots his Yaeger, Gipsy Danger. It’s not an easy job, but it’s so much better than welding in Alaska. You can see his joy and focus as he takes the controls and fights off the invaders. This is what he was made to do.

Where you come in:

  • Are you giving your brain every advantage?
  • What ground does the enemy want to keep you from taking?
  • Are you teaming up for maximum impact?
  • Are you in the fight?

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