Stress Response


When stressed out, most people will either:

  1. Run from the stress
  2. Hide from the stress
  3. Face the stress


Those who consistently run from the stress only make it worse. They allow fear to win and empower their problems with their procrastination and avoidance.


Those who consistently hide from the stress fall into self-destruction and self-deception. They allow bad habits and lies to become the norm in their lives. They become shells of who they were meant to be and slaves to their excuses.

Those who consistently face the stress have the scars to prove it but more strength for going through it. They refuse to allow the chaos of life to control their emotions and determine their direction. At their best, they are the brave ones who are honest with themselves, God, and others. As a result, they live on top of stress rather than beneath it.

Most of us move between these three responses depending on the situation. But if you had to pick just one, which would you say is most common for you? Why? Is it serving you well? If not, what would it look like to start making a change?

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