Treading Water


There’s no point in living if you’re just existing. Getting by is terrible, terrible place to be. You were made to thrive, not just survive.

Have you become content with treading water? Are you aware that you’ll eventually run out of energy and sink to the bottom? Do you see that there are people drowning all around you? Did you know that you are supposed to help save them?

The only way to flourish in this life and the next is through Christ, because you were born to be born again and make an eternal impact in the world.

And here’s the truth: the only way to do that is to stop kicking and start admitting that your way isn’t working. You need a life raft. You need a savior. You cannot do it on your own and you’re not supposed to.

Don’t settle for existence. You’ve got one life, and the clock is ticking. Don’t waste it.


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