What Defines You Can Destroy You


If you give something the power to make you, you give it the power to break you.

It might be something good, like eating healthy, working hard, being disciplined with your time, spending your money wisely, fill in your own blank.

But it doesn’t matter.

Because if it defines you (and by defines you, I mean that it has become inseparably linked to your identity/sense of worth/purpose in life, etc) then when it inevitably crumbles, you will too.

What defines you can destroy you.

So the question is, are you defined by something or someone that’s bigger than yourself, your circumstances, your passions, your peers, your insecurities?

The truth is that we are only ever really secure when we allow ourselves to be defined by Christ. Not the idea of Christ, or even the belief in Christ, but in the actual person and work of Christ and our relationship with him.

So, what defines you? If you’re not sure, wait until hardship comes and notice what you’re clinging to, clawing at, devastated by.

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