15 Must-Read Questions Inspired by Edge of Tomorrow


I rarely buy movies, but Edge of Tomorrow made the cut. It’s so much more than just another Sci-Fi action flick. It’s about getting better, getting it done, and growing as a person along the way. Those are things we can all relate to.

Here are some questions I thought of while watching.

Which ones do you need to hear most today?

1. What if you couldn't lose unless you quit? You can't.
2. What if every day was an opportunity to grow? It is.
3. What if you were the solution to the problem? You are.
4. What if you already knew how the story ended? You do.
5. What if the enemy was trying to destroy you? He is.
6. What if the struggle made you stronger? It does.
7. What if you could do something that changed the world? You can.
8. What if you had everything you needed to win? You do.
9. What if the top performers have just practiced more? They have.
10. What if the only way to succeed was through trial and error? It is.
11. What if there was no gain without pain? There isn't.
12. What if you couldn't win alone? You can't.
13. What if there was no win without endurance? There's not.
14. What if you became a different person by doing difficult things? You do.
15. What if your success was based on your willingness to die daily? It is.

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