“You can’t possibly hit the ball if you’re thinking about all the possible ways you can miss.”

Focus is a big deal. What you focus on tends to determine what you do.

Focus on the right things and you’ll be much more likely to do them. Focus on the wrong things and you’ll be much more likely to do them too.

I try to take time every morning to review the basics like who God is, who I am, why I’m here, what matters most, etc. This helps me get my head on straight and orient my day around love, faith, and obedience.

I also try to take time at the end of each day to review what went well, where I could improve, and what needs to get done tomorrow.

Both of these disciplines help me focus on the right things and avoid distractions. They help me keep my eye on the ball so I have a better chance of hitting it.

Last summer I did some seasonal work on a farm. Part of my job involved preparing corn to be sold at the market. Some days I would spent hours just checking, counting, and bagging corn. You weren’t supposed to talk to the people around you, there was no music, and you had to focus in order to do it well. Let me tell you – it was mind numbingly boring.

At first, everything in me wanted to daydream because I am so used to having a busy mind. But I found when I did so I would lose count and have to start all over. So I learned how to discipline my mind and just focus on corn for an extended period of time. It took effort, but through the experience I discovered that focus is a muscle: it grows stronger with use and weaker with neglect.

How strong is your focus muscle these days? What are you doing to strengthen it? How do you stay focused on what matters most?

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