Two Weeks Without a Phone

Due to an unfortunate drop and a long repair process, I went two weeks without my phone. It was great.

Here’s why:

  • It helped me relax. I felt less stressed, more energized, and more present without the constant influx of information.
  • It helped me connect with my kids. Instead of seeing them as interruptions I saw them as welcome additions.
  • It helped me remember that life happens in the margins – those in-between, unstructured times which had previously been choke-full of podcasts, emails, and social media.
  • It helped me have more time for other things like house projects, impromptu family outings, and reading.

Did I enjoy paying 90 bucks to get my phone fixed? No. And there were certainly some minor inconveniences. But overall, I’m glad it happened.

So here are two things I want to do differently going forward:

1. I want to use my phone less frequently. Because the world and the people around me are the “first screen” and the most important thing. My phone should be working for me, not vice versa.

2. I want to use my phone more intentionally. Less mindless opening of apps and filling of space and more purposeful engagement with my device.

What could you learn by putting your phone away for awhile?

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