Why Healthy Relationships Are Like Rivers

Healthy relationships are dynamic, directional, and teeming with life.


My wife got me onto BabyCenter. I receive their newsletter for each of my kids, learning about developmental milestones and ways I need to keep adjusting as a dad.

Leo’s ready to help make his own meals. Kate can do stairs and clean up by herself. Molly is laughing and learning our emotions. Every week is something new.


To be successful, I need to keep up and relate to my kids as they are, not as they were.

This is how all healthy relationships work. Both parties are growing. Neither is stuck in a past version of themselves. Both are continually adapting, evolving, relearning, improving.


Healthy relationships are like like rivers: dynamic, directional, teeming with life, flowing from life.

Unhealthy relationships are like ponds: Still, bug infested, and often artificial.

God knows we all have to relate with people who refuse to grow. Heck, sometimes we are that person.

But the real joy, life, and meaning is found in the movement.

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